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School Cabinet

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Mr. Sobel


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Ms. Herbst

Assistant Principal

Mr. Tsanatelis

 Guidance Counselor

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Ms. Sokolovskaya

Guidance Counselor

Mr. Hunter

 Social Worker

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Mr. Mercado


Office Staff

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Ms. Victoria

Principal's Secretary

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Ms. Tara

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Ms. Nancy

Arts Department

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Mr. Lipscomb

English Department

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Mr. Castagna

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Ms. DeForest

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Mr. Gorman

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Ms. Olphie

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Ms. White

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Ms. Wilson-Hite

Foreign Language Department

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Ms. Yunsan

Math Department

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Ms. Canepa

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Ms. Codd 

Ms. Dieppa

P.E. & Health Department

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Mr. Civello

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Nurse Jon

Science Department

Mr. Grassi

Social Studies Department

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Mr. James

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Ms. Selami