Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The staff of Concord High School is responsible for providing a safe environment for you and your fellow students and has the right to promulgate rules and regulations to govern your conduct in the program. It is expected that you will observe all school regulations, devote yourself seriously to your schoolwork and cooperate with school authorities in maintaining a safe and secure school. Listed below are some of the rules and responsibilities that will apply to all students at Concord:


An unexplained absence is one for which you can provide no reasonable explanation, and for which there is no legitimate written indication of parental approval. Excessive absence can lead to failure.

Upon return from an absence, it is your responsibility to show your absence note to each of your subject teachers, all of whom should initial the note. The note is then to be turned into room 108 to be officially filed.


Cutting is an unauthorized absence from a subject class and is not permitted at any time. Cutting will be recorded and your parent/guardian will be notified.

You have the responsibility of arriving to school on time. A bell will ring for the start of each period followed one minute later by the late bell. You must get to your next subject class immediately. Do not waste time in the hallway.

Be prepared

Be prepared to work every day with a notebook, pen, etc. Make sure you keep up with any homework.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a clean, neat, modest, and safe manner at all times. Any form of dress that is considered dangerous, distractive, or disruptive will not be tolerated; inappropriate dress will result in a telephone call to a student’s parent/guardian requesting a change of clothing. Hats, hoods, bandannas, headbands, etc. are not to be worn in school.

Use of Electronic Devices

Cell phones, headphones and other electronics are not to be visible. These items will be confiscated by the administration.

Discipline and Safety

No physical violence or verbally abusive language. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable. Any student that engages in this behavior will be held to the highest discipline allowed under the discipline code (for students 17 years or older physical violence or bullying can lead to expulsion).

Respect the Building

Respect the building; it is over 120 years old and a Staten Island landmark. Do not graffiti or deface any part of the building. Any student that engages in this behavior will be prosecuted under the law.